Take a breath. Let it out. Now take another. Let it out. There are 50 people in the room, all breathing at the same time. Eyes trained on the person at the front of the room, following her every move. Never has a breath been felt more than when it is taken in unison with a group of other people. When children sing in a chorus together, they learn so much more than the notes, rhythms and words. They learn cohesion. They learn collaboration. They learn that their voice is important to the sound of the whole. They learn that they are being counted on to do their best.

Singing in a chorus is more than just another team sport. We talk about history, culture, language, poetry, math, community and citizenship. Every song tells a story, and we talk about being a great storyteller so that the audience feels the words more than they hear them. Research has discovered that members of a chorus saw their heart rates beat in unison in relation to the speed of their breathing. Heart rates are directly affected by the melody of the music, and the pulses of those tested rose and fell at the same time when they sang in a group. When you sing in a chorus, your hearts become one with your fellow singers. The psychological effects of this phenomenon have been measured, too. Studies show that singing in a chorus can reduce children’s anxiety, depression, and aggression, during a time in their life when outside influences might increase these feelings. A group of singers becomes a microcosm of our community, a symbiotic relationship between one another that makes each person essential to the success of the whole.

Do you want your child to feel like they matter? Do you want your child to learn how to work in a team toward a common goal? Do you want your child to learn to contribute their ideas, and learn how to respect the ideas of others? If you answered Yes to write papers any of these questions, we want to meet you and your child. Sign up to attend our next Prospective Member Orientation, and learn more about what The Frederick Children’s Chorus can do for your singer.