We Stand Together 

The Frederick Children’s Chorus condemns the actions that hurt oppress, and vilify the Black community and the lives of all minorities. We share the anger and fustration about inequality and injustice. We stand together against racism, hate and violence. We see you. We hear you. We love you.

Below you will find a few of our supporting organizations who have also expressed the support during the actions made in recent events.

A Statement from the Frederick Arts Council 

The Frederick Arts Council condemns racism, oppression, and descrimination targeted against the Black community and other minority groups. We as an organization condem injustice that has been present throughout American history in ways such as police brutality. We stand with the #blacklivesmatter movement and those affected by inustice.

We express our deepest sympathy to the families and communities of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and those who were killed unjustly, senselessly, and brutally before them. It is our hope that their deaths can lead to overdue positive change.

Can the arts community in Frederick rise to the challenge our entire nation is facing to live up to our greated ieals? The arts can help shine a light on ways forward. As a community of artists, we use art as a medium through which a diversity of experiences can be expressed. The arts empower the individual human voice, connecting us to each other.

Welcome to Frederick Arts Council

A Statement from OAKE

The Organization of American Kodaly Educators (OAKE) community is dismayed and disheartened by the violent actions that are taking place across the United States. Racism and social inequity have global effects that diminish and devalue our human existence and experience, which is a brightright of all people. As music educators, we recognize that the connection between teachers and their students is one of the most important bonds in a child’s life. With great power comes the great responsibility to engage the students in our classrooms in activities that enliven their shared humanity.

Music permeates every aspect of our lives — celebrations and sorrows–reminding us of the powerful experiences that create our past, present, and future. OAKE’s Vision is the realization of a world where the power of music as a unifying, humanizing, and healing force is an integral part of the lives of the American People. Whether it is a song we hear randomly as we tend to our everyday tasks, a song we delierately play that reminds us of a significant events, or music that rallies communities around shared experience, music inspires and connects us, bringing us together and bridging all gaps that may exist. Through our work, OAKE educators and the music education community at larege aspire to bring empathy for all peoples, understanding and respect of all cultures, and compassion for all humanity.

OAKE pledges to be present in these times for our members and their students as we work through our country’s grief. We will continue to seek the realization of a world where humanity is more unified through music.


A Statement from Chorus America

Everything Chorus America does is guided by our mission: empowering singing ensembles to create vibrant communities and effect meaningful change. In the face of racism and violence against Black Americans in our community, the need for meaningful chnage is of the utmost urgency.

Chorus America’s staff and board stand with all those demaning justice and change. To our Black staff and board, members, colleagues, and friends, we want to say directly that you are virtally important to Chorus America and to our field. We see you and we hear you. Your lives matter. Black lives matter.

In our organization’s journey with diversity, equity, and inclusion, one of the first lession we have learned is that change begins at home. Systematic racism touches every aspect of the society we live in, including our organization and the choral field. We recommit to working together to dismantle those barries by listening harder, using our platform to amplify voices of color, and learning from our partner organizations in the arts dedicated to social justice. And, in the immediate future, we are creating more opportunites through our upcoming Virtual Conference to push change forward.

Chorus America’s vision is a world where communities are transformed through the power of singing together. Every day, we are inspired by real life examples of choruses and chorial leaders making that vision real. We will listen, learn, take action, and support you, our members and friends, as we continue to do work together.


A Statement from the Community Foundation of Frederick County

The Community Foundation of Frederick County is appalled and deeply concerned about what is taking place in our country. Recent events involving violence and threats against African American citizens have laid bare the racism, prejudice, and oppression that exist in our society.

We must do better, and it starts with us. These recent events are contrary to everything that the Community Foundation stands for and what our staff, donors, trustees, and volunteers work toward every day. We must do our part at the Community Foundation to ensure that Frederick County is an inclusive communit where every person is treated with humanity, dignity, and respect. We have an obligation to enhance our efforts in supporting the economic security, health, and well-being of all Frederick County citizens today and well into the future.

Our mission is being dedicated to connecting people who care with that matter to enrich the quality of the life in Frederick County now and for the future generations. This mission has taken on a renewed level of urgency. We are committed to working with the community as we begin to heal and move forward. We must all work together to create meaningful and systemic change.

Again, we must do better, and it starts with us.



A Statement from the Catalogue of Philanthropy 

At the Catalogue for Philanthropy, even in challenging and divisive times likes these, we see stories of hope, heroism, and resiliency from our nonprofit partners. It is a great privilege to watch these organizations rise to the daily needs of our community, and to do so with even more urgency to address the impact of the ongoing pandemic. For them, they didn’t need another national story of racism and violence to remind them of the stakes of this fight and the everyday urgency of pushing back on the inequality faceing our Black and Brown communities.Their clients and staff face these challenges daily, and racism manifests itself in many, if not all, aspects of the social problems they are working to address.

Now is the time to listen and to act — to listen to our Black and Brown communities as they demand change, and to follow their leadership as we act, both as an organization and as individuals, to help eradicate the racism and inequality these communities face in all aspects of their lives.

We know systemic change is hard and takes time but we can change our relation to and behavior within, those systens right away. Both the catalougue and non-profits as a sector must continue to serve our communities, but we must also advocate for an end to racism and inequality. We have an obligation to push for change at all levels, while focusing simultaneously on what we can do each day.

For many of the Catalogue’s staff , supporters, and partners, racism isn’t just a topic for discussion and debate, itis an issue felt and experienced daily. It is a fear and anger felt daily. The Catalogue stands with them and with all of our Black and Brown neighbors as they call for change and we are committed to finding ways to continue to support the effort.

As we work together to chart a new path forward, we will continue to support and lift up stories of local nonprofits making a difference, close to home. We hope this message finds you healthy and safe and that even in this time of isolation that you feel a sense of community. Because we need community — now more than ever.