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Join your fellow music lovers, a professional orchestra,

superstar soloists, and a magnificent stage chorus!

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Know Before You Go!

Date:  December 18th


6:00 – Donor Reception (all donors/sponsors $100+)

7:30 – House opens to the public

8:00 – Program begins


Weinberg Center for the Arts

20 West Patrick Street

Frederick, MD 21701

For more than 30 years, The Frederick Children’s Chorus has been raising more than voices.  We have been raising

compassionate, caring, responsible citizens who go out into communities everywhere and who share their love of

music, their passion for literature, and their appreciation for art.

And like a ripple in a pond from one drop of rain, our work spreads, our family grows, and something as simple as

a song can create a world where we all love to go, to learn from each other, to blossom and grow, and all along the

way…we sing.

Thank you to our Sponsors!


Stanley and Dana Stigdon


The Joseph D. Baker Fund, Inc.

William and Lisa Duckworth

Brad and Karla Hallock

Vaughn and Miriam Meglan


Garry and Micki Cohen

Steve and Gina Ekanger

Jacob Kulangara

Scott and Linda Myers


Dr. Lori Andochick, DDS

Donna Bialozor

Nancy and Mark Kavanaugh

David and Sarah Selby


Kris Alcorn

Chris and Mary Atwell

Gerald and April Blum

Melodie Charles

John and Kate D’Amore

Paul English

Bill and Chris Eyler

Paul and Lisa Huff

Darleen Husson

Kyle Huth

Robert and Gloria Kripowicz

Jeanette Mendonca

Linda Moran

Edward and Eleanor Pisarcik

Scott and Kimberly Roberts 

Hugo Santos 

Esta Sterneck

Mary Ellen Thompson 

Catherine Traini

Don and Darlene Wilkes

Bruce and Geraldine Wilson

Brian and Brandi Wynne


Joe Baker

Malia Chambers and Cori Heurich

Elizabeth Chung

Phyllis Crawford Ronald Errico

Barbara Biser and Jean Fish

Connie Fogle and Debbie Jones

Elizabeth Galaida

Lavonne Grams

Daniel and Rachel Haffey

Arlene and Ken Hallock

Judy Houck

Zaina Hussain

Mary Hutchens

Dan and Judy Kastelein

Jean and Tom Kaylor

Karlys & Tom “Klynch”

Shuang Ma and Bing Chen

Thomas and Monica Markey

Andrew and Lela McWilliams

Catherine Nehring

Lori Perkins

Tom and Connie Pryor

Judith A. Rice

Leslie Ruby

David and Vicki Robinson

Cynthia Smith

Natalia St. Jean

Meg Timmons

Jennifer Van’t Wout

Sam Wolf

"To bring children together for the joyful exploration and celebration of singing"

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