Concert Chorus

6th - 8th Grades

The Concert Chorus welcomes students in 6th to 8th grades and serves as our premier treble ensemble that tackles the most challenging treble compositions among our chorus groups. Singers are tackling more intricate harmonies through multi-part music.

Distinguished for their exceptional musicality, artistic expression, and unwavering discipline, Concert Chorus members frequently receive invitations to participate in special concerts and events. They proudly represent our chorus in the community and embody a high standard of professionalism.

Exploring Music

More About Our Concert Chorus Program


Singers learn more advanced note and rhythm reading, musical symbols identification, and sight singing.

Concert Chorus Mastery

Concert Chorus members work to master and perform music that is technically and musically challenging and requires highly developed skills in reading music, part singing, independence, responsibility for individual practice, and vocal maturity. All of which enables them to complete their training towards membership in the Chamber Singers Program.

Concert Chorus Program FAQ

Your most Asked Questions, Answered!

The Concert Chorus Program is a full-year beginning in late August and ending in late May. 

Tuition is just $100/month after a $80 registration fee. Scholarship or financial assistance is available. No tuition refunds. No exceptions. Class credit only.

Rehearsals occur Tuesday evenings from 6:00 – 9:00 PM. The time is split between choral rehearsal and a musicianship class

Concert Chorus members must be in at least 6th grade and can be as old as 8th grade. Children are eligible to graduate from Concert Chorus to Chamber Singers when they enter 9th grade, or when a boy’s voice is in transition, and when the staff is confident that the child is ready. We are committed to setting our singers up for success. If your singer isn’t ready for the rigor or difficulty of Chamber Singers, we will advise that they continue their membership in Concert Chorus until they are ready to move up.

The Concert Chorus wardrobe is an additional cost to the participant. Scholarship or financial assistance is available.

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