Chamber Singers

9th - 12th Grades

The Chamber Singers stand as the pinnacle of The Frederick Children’s Chorus, representing the highest level of accomplishment. Members of this group showcase exceptional mastery in musicianship and vocal abilities, displaying the capability to practice independently, tackle intricate and advanced multi-part musical pieces, seamlessly participate in run-out concerts with minimal rehearsal time, and exemplify the utmost maturity among our students.

Chamber Singers frequently receive invitations to perform at prominent venues and take on challenging musical compositions.

Exploring Music

More About Our Chamber Singers Program

Advanced Singing

Singers perform 4 part S.A.T.B. music and participate in full chorus selections.


Singers learn advanced note and rhythm reading, musical symbols identification, and sight singing.

Opportunities to Assist Others

Singers have the opportunity to assist with the Little Music Makers Program and musicianship classes where they can contribute to the development of fellow students' vocal abilities and overall musical skills.

Chamber Singers Program FAQ

Your most Asked Questions, Answered!

The Chamber Singers program is a full-year beginning in late August and ending in late May. 

Chamber Singer members must be in at least 9th grade (with the exception of boys whose voices have begun to change) and can be as old as 12th grade.

The repertoire chosen for the chorus provides a platform for singing in diverse languages and delving into musical styles from a wide array of cultures and historical periods. The difficulty level of the music is thoughtfully matched to the singers’ age and maturity. Additionally, the content of the lyrics is given meticulous consideration.

Through the medium of song, students are afforded the chance to deeply engage with poetry, philosophy, human emotions, and concepts of nationalism. Furthermore, songs featuring religious texts enable singers to explore ideologies beyond their own, always with the clear understanding that the inclusion of religious music does not imply an endorsement of any particular faith or ideology. All musical selections are studied purely for the sake of music itself.

Chamber Singers are eligible to be summer camp counselors and earn service learning hours for school and other membership organizations such as the National Honors Society and Scouts.

Tuition is just $100/month after an $80 registration fee. Scholarship or financial assistance is available. No tuition refunds. No exceptions. Class credit only.


Rehearsals occur Tuesday evenings from 6:00 – 9:00 PM. The time is split between choral rehearsal and a musicianship class.

Each member has an opportunity to be a Conducting Intern in their Senior year where they learn the nuances of planning a rehearsal, time management, executing a lesson plan, and the skills of conducting.

The Chamber Singers’ wardrobe is an additional cost to the participant. Scholarship or financial assistance is available.

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