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Join your fellow music lovers, a professional orchestra,

superstar soloists, and a magnificent stage chorus!

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Know Before You Go!

Date:  December 18th


6:00 – Donor Reception (all donors/sponsors $100+)

7:30 – House opens to the public

8:00 – Program begins


Weinberg Center for the Arts

20 West Patrick Street

Frederick, MD 21701

For more than 30 years, The Frederick Children’s Chorus has been raising more than voices.  We have been raising

compassionate, caring, responsible citizens who go out into communities everywhere and who share their love of

music, their passion for literature, and their appreciation for art.

And like a ripple in a pond from one drop of rain, our work spreads, our family grows, and something as simple as

a song can create a world where we all love to go, to learn from each other, to blossom and grow, and all along the

way…we sing.

"To bring children together for the joyful exploration and celebration of singing"

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