Training Chorus

3rd - 5th Grades

The Training Chorus, designed for children in 3rd through 5th grades, marks the initial preparatory level within The Frederick Children’s Chorus to introduce a musicianship component to its membership. At this level, budding musicians delve into the basics of music, mastering the recognition of notes and pitches while also developing their ability to listen to and read musical notation. Consequently, they can harmonize as a cohesive group and perform autonomously as a complete choral ensemble.

The curriculum for this program encompasses a diverse range of songs from various languages, cultures, and historical periods. Emphasis is also placed on fostering performance etiquette, promoting responsibility, encouraging home practice, time management, and nurturing a strong commitment to their musical journey.

Exploring Music

More About Our Training Chorus Program

Music Fundamentals

Students learn fundamental rhythm and note patterns, deciphering musical notations on paper, and developing reading and writing skills for music.

Music Context and Meaning

Students engage in discussions about the significance of specific compositions, understanding composers' text choices, and their role in historical movements.

Training Chorus Program FAQ

Your most Asked Questions, Answered!

The Training Chorus Program is a full-year beginning in late August and ending in late May. 

Tuition is just $100/month after an $80 registration fee. Scholarship or financial assistance is available. No tuition refunds. No exceptions. Class credit only.


Rehearsals occur Tuesday evenings from 6:00-8:00 PM. The time is split between choral rehearsal and a musicianship class.

Training Chorus members must be in at least 3rd grade and can be as old as 5th grade.

Portions of the Training Chorus wardrobe are included in your tuition. Some will have to be purchased by you (i.e. pants and shirt for boys, tights for girls). Scholarship or financial assistance is available.

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